Dating someone who has had an abortion

04-Jul-2018 18:03

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She hasn’t told anyone-not the first or second husband or any guys she dated in between.

She has a son and daughter from the first marriage.

The other side is the partner should have the right to know about any previous traumatic experiences from the past. People shouldn't get so hung up on the past, and stay focused on the present and the future. Your partner is not a possession that you have some rights over.

Same thing with everyone wanting to know the other persons number of partners. If they don't want to tell you something about the past then you should respect that.

If their partner doesn't know the real reason for the difference, they will repeatedly misunderstand the other, and that will eat away at the relationship, either causing it to end for the wrong reasons, or to be crippled throughout it's duration by the hidden information.I would think that the only entitlement they would have to that information is if it currently impacted their relationship.Based on what you have said, I can't for the life of me see how her telling any men that come into her life she had an abortion when she was a teenager being any benefit.For the guys: If you were dating a woman who had an abortion, would you want or care to know?

For the women: Would you tell a guy with potential long term about an abortion if you had one? The one side is whatever happened in the past before you met a partner is left in the past and no need to disclose past history. I personally have never had an abortion, but if I did I would not feel obligated to tell anyone unless I wanted to. It wouldn't change my opinion regardless, so if they felt like sharing it I wouldn't mind. In my opinion Nobody has a right to know everything about you.

The only time you would have a "right" to know is if you were the father of that unborn child.

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