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Since massage therapists are physically active, and they’re using their muscles as often as if they were athletes working out at a gym all day, they will be pretty fit, agile, and—well—flexible. Be prepared to just smile and roll with it when you run into one of her clients at the bar and he is super friendly to her and downright hostile to you.

Of course, everyone dreams of dating a massage therapist, just like everybody wanted to date the captain of the football team or the head cheerleader in high school.

The word Amma, which means "push-pull" in Chinese, was applied to a form of Oriental massage dating back five thousand years to the period of the Yellow Emperor.

Founded and developed by Korean-born Tina Sohn, Amma Therapy is a highly refined and complex system of bodywork whose techniques and treatment strategies combine the use of traditional Oriental medical principles and a Western approach to organ dysfunction.

We don't even need a specific reason to celebrate, but we would be Sole happy to help!

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Massage therapy is a job, and although massage therapists do possess certain skills that may translate into a very rewarding intimate life, you should’t expect a free massage.

Speaking of picking up on massage therapists, here’s a tip: you probably shouldn’t be one of the many clients who try to pick up on their massage therapist while they’re getting a massage.