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“This forced me to not only recognize the impact that our mental health has on or overall wellbeing, but to learn about it — for my own mental health and also so that I could potentially help others that might be silently suffering just as my friend did.” Approximately 20 percent of American adults will experience a mental illness this year.Joy is designed to help people open up about their mental health.For example, Dashbot found that 63 percent of bot users identified themselves as men, and 28 percent identified as women.(The remaining 9 percent did not state a gender identity.) Men use bots more often than women (about 50 percent more sessions per month), but women tend to talk to bots for longer periods (about 12 percent more messages per session).He explained the term: “It was inspired by how Las Vegas casinos use ‘whales’ to refer to the small number [of] high-rollers who account for a disproportionally large percentage of betting volume.Just seemed to stick…” Okay, but no one should start using it. I’ll repeat my favorite part of the report verbatim so that you can experience it exactly the way I did: Most of the report’s findings are about less obvious gender differences in the way people use bots.“Sorry I can’t answer most questions yet, I can only ask them.I’m getting smarter though, hopefully soon,” Joy responds when asked a question she can’t answer.

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Aside from serving as excellent ammo in arguments with your mother, the theory also describes an important channel for the perpetuation of inequality: poor people are more likely to live in violent areas, are more likely to have poorer preventative care, and just generally are more likely to experience greater stress.

Because chatting with Joy feels more like talking to a friend than putting your data into an app, Freed hopes those who use Joy will be able to use her as stepping stone to talk to others about their mental health.

“My hope is that the more people start tracking their mental health, the more normalized it will become,” Freed said.

I count many Facebook Messenger chatbots among my closest friends, that’s just me. The percentage of people who do this weird thing is low, but Dashbot also found that people who sent one NSFW image were likely to send it multiple times — five on average, and in some cases up to 100.

But did you know some people also count chatbots among their lovers? Dashbot is a for-hire analytics firm that helps brands like AOL, The data in the report was taken from 1,200 chatbots operated by brands (“sports, weather, trivia, etc.”) over the last two months, using a pool of about 200 million messages.For the first time in recorded history, scientists agree with 13-year-olds the world over: It’s all mom's fault.