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10 Signs that it’s better for you to be friends than a couple Even though you share a special bond with someone, that doesn’t always mean that they are boyfriend material.

The crossover between someone who is a good friend and someone who is a boyfriend can be quite confusing sometimes, and the person who you are dating might be better as just a friend.

You probably do have great times together, but they are never really romantic ones.

When faced with a choice of a loud and rowdy bar, or a quiet romantic dinner for two, you will both opt for the fun night out, over the romantic one.8.

With a friend, though, this is less important and you might feel quite happy going out with him in your old jeans and comfortable shoes.

It’s not that you don’t care about how you look; it’s more that you don’t feel a need to attract the guy.5.

Even if they do find another person attractive, they won’t talk about for fear of upsetting their partner.4.

You don’t make the effort for him No one would say that a girl has to get all dressed up for her man every day, but most ladies do like to make an effort to look good for their love partner.

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This is quite probably one of the biggest signs that you have drifted from love, into the realms of just good friends. It can take even longer with friends, as expectations are higher and fear of losing a friend is great. She had a few reasons, none of which I found valid. ” It’s definitely a hard question to get out of your mouth, but asking it may bring surprising answers and a closer bond, especially if the person being asked can feel you are genuine and sincere. Reassure your partner that you want this relationship.Although there isn’t one “right” way to make the transition, here are 7 tips to go from friend to “in a relationship.” 1. A client of mine told me that she was planning to set her guy friend up with a girlfriend of hers. I helped script the following message which she sent to him: “I have a crazy question for you. Since you started out as friends your level of trust and open communication should be more developed.Neither of you feel any jealousy Even the happiest and most stable of couples feel twangs of jealousy when their partner is spending too much time with people of the opposite sex.

If you have become more friends than lovers, though, you will probably not even think about it and be perfectly happy that you both go out alone with other people.6.You don’t miss him, when he’s away When couples have to spend time apart, they naturally miss each other and can’t wait to get back together again.